I Need Help

But we know this... And sorry for that very disturbing image on New Year's Day, but I have a quandary for which I am asking your help, dear readers and I thought it just might catch your attention.

I have one day left of my holiday vacation and I haven't seen a single movie on my list. So I am determined at some point in the day tomorrow, to see a movie. My "to see" list is always long. My "have seen" list is regrettably short; even more so, this year. I've been able to whittle a few off the list, simply because they are not playing near me, yet. And then I narrowed it down to those playing at my favorite multiplex in nearby NJ. And still, I am having a hard time choosing. And that's where you come in. I need you're help choosing. I've been able to narrow it down to five choices:

The Adventures of Tintin:

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo:

War Horse:

Young Adult:

The Darkest Hour:

Quite a list, isn't it? I'm happy to admit that my tastes are nothing if not eclectic. So, PLEASE take the easy poll, below. If I do go to the movies, I will see whatever movie wins.

More, anon.
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