An Obsession Returns

Before I even start, I suggest you watch all videos in this post (both linked and embedded) in full-screen.

Long-time readers know about my several obsessions. There's hot Brit action star Jason Statham; American hottie Chris Evans; movies; amazing food and Cirque du Soleil

I became obsessed with Cirque the very first time I saw them on their HBO special, We Reinvent the Circus. This was only their second touring show and the first to play the U.S. It wasn't nearly as sophisticated as they have become, but it's obvious the troupe, headed by founder Guy Laliberte, was onto something special. Their next big show was Saltimbanco, their first to actually tour the U.S. I convinced my friend Elizabeth, who hates the circus, that this was something special and she agreed to accompany me to New York to see the show. We spent two hours with our jaws agape and promptly returned to gush to anyone who would listen to us about this amazing company. Since then, I have seen about a dozen of their shows, including 2 performances of La Nouba in Downtown Disney. They are the single largest live entertainment company in the world, with 22 shows currently playing on tour or in permanent residence in New York; Florida, Nevada, Mississippi and California. Their headquarters in Montreal is nothing short of amazing and Laliberte has become a billionaire, overseeing an entertainment empire. Not bad for a one-time street performer.

Combining acrobatics; clowning; dance; music and astounding technological innovations, Cirque du Soleil is Circus as Theatre and unlike anything you have seen. They've even been parodied on "The Simpsons" as 'Cirque du Puree.' Unfortunately, as they've grown, they've also priced themselves out of reach for Uncle P, making it difficult for me to see their latest shows (though I may make an exception to see Iris in L.A. should I be fortunate enough to get there on business next Fall).

The last touring show I saw was the breathtaking Kooza in 2009, a combined Birthday/Christmas gift from my beloved K:

Their most recent touring shows include the insect-themed Ovo...

...and the Native-American themed Totem.

Today, they announced their newest show, opening in Montreal this spring, Amaluna:

Their latest permanent shows are Zarkana in NYC...

...and Michael Jackson: Immortal, now on tour but soon landing permanently in Las Vegas.

There's nothing like Cirque du Soleil to pull me out of my Winter doldrums!

If you have never a Cirque show, you owe it to yourself to do so. Sure, they've had performances on HBO and Bravo, but seeing them on TV is hardly the same as seeing them live. You'll never forget or regret seeing a Cirque show. Trust me on this.

For clips from their many other shows, go to YouTube and search Cirque du Soleil. I've only shared a fraction of the amazing videos they have there.

More, anon.
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