The Gayest Things You'll See This Week

Adorable Aussie Olympian Matthew Mitcham
So many things at the Olympics to talk about in this insane digital age. Yes, Twitter and Facebook were both around during the Beijing games, but London is proving to be the first truly E-Olympics. People have been disqualified and ejected from the games for Tweeting. Granted, they tweeted stupid, hateful things without thinking. They thought they were being funny. A-holes! Of course there's the new record for Best Olympian Ever (wouldn't that always be Zeus?), Michael Phelps - the new patron saint of swimmers and stoners everywhere. 

Butta Face Phelps (like I'm such a 10) may well be the Best Olympian, but openly gay Australian diver Matthew Mitcham has been declared Most Adorable Olympian Ever by BuzzFeed Sports (via) and I must agree. Just look at the boy's impish expression in that picture. How can it not melt your heart? 

Okay - that's maybe a bit too Zooey Deschanel quirky for my taste, but who can stay mad at that punim? Seriously. Of course only another athlete could keep up with a boy that flexible and strong. The first Cirque show I ever saw live was Saltimbanco. I practically had to drag my dear Elizabeth (of whom I do NOT see enough, these days) to go, trying to convince her she wasn't about to see a traditional circus. As if I would travel all the way into the city for some lame circus. Her objections were silenced in the first 60 seconds of the show. Our mutual obsession was born. Part of that show featured a pair of brothers who did an amazing and breathtaking lifting act that had us both drooling. She and I both decided that they would only ever be able to be satisfied by each other, whether it was true or (99.999% more likely) not. Of course, it was merely a fiction we created to feel better about neither of us ever having a shot in hell with the muscled beauties.

Cathy's House of Hate continues to be in the news, but mostly because the LGBT community's response was pretty lame. Friday's kiss-in was not nearly as well attended as the response to the Right's lies about this being a First Amendment issue. I think, sadly, a lot of people were actually afraid to go. And that's a shame. There were no reports of problems at any of the company's stores where people did participate. 

More than a few restaurants have come up with anti-CFA chicken sandwiches. A Houston restaurant called Beavers is offering a "Chick-on-Chick" sandwich, described as: ”two loving chicken breasts married on toasty buns with a honey mustard witness and joined in celebration with tolerant fries.” Closer to my home is Schnipper's Quality Kitchen, with two locations in Manhattan. All through the month of August, Schnipper's is going to donate $1 to Marriage Equality for ever chicken sandwich they sell. I am currently working on a Facebook event to eat chicken sandwiches at Schnipper's. 

I made my own hate-free,  Bass Ale-battered chicken for dinner tonight, along with sliced garden tomatoes and sweet bi-colored corn on the cob... simple, delicious and decidedly gay. You want an incredibly delicious fried chicken sandwich, baby? Come on over. I'll make you one.  (Wow. Just creeped myself out - lol).

Finally, here's also adorable Randy Rainbow's take on the latest battle in the Culture Wars (via):

Have a fabulous Monday!

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