Fun with Zombies and Other Weirdness

So all that great 80's music put me back in a good mood, though we are in the slowest slow period I've experienced at the Day Job and it's a bit disconcerting (though not scary or worrisome) - not to mention boring. Anyway, all the free time lets me find interesting things to share with my few, but faithful readers.

So the other day I came across trailers for two new zombie movies from across the pond. First up is the zom/com/heist movie from Britain, Cockneys Vs Zombies. The IMDb plot summary reads: "A gang of bank robbers fight their way out of a zombie-infest London." The trailer alone belies that statement. Think Sean of the Dead on steroids via Bubba Ho-Tep. Cockneys Vs Zombies look dark, violent, gory and freaking hilarious! Watch the trailer below (probably NSFW for language, violence and gore):

Cockneys Vs Zombies opens the UK's Film4 Fright Fest on August 23 and goes wide in the UK on August 31. There is no scheduled U.S. release date, as of this writing. Jinx - if you see it, please let me know!

Far less hilarious (but looking pretty intense), is the first zombie film out of the former USSR, Winter of the Dead (Meteletsa). There is no IMDb listing for this film under either name, but the YouTube description says something about snow in the middle of a hot Moscow summer which presages a zombie outbreak. Don't know know, don't care. The movie's official website makes a bit more sense. The carnage is high in the trailer (sorry - no subtitles). The trailer may be NSFW for violence and gore - couldn't tell you whether there are Russian swear-words or not:

Someone's been watching "The Walking Dead."

Tonight's penultimate bit of nonsense comes from Towleroad and while it is exceptionally weird, it is particularly hilarious, especially if you have had enough of a particular redneck politician, who - like a certain villain in a certain series of kid's books - from henceforth shall be referred to as She Who Shall Not Be Named. Ladies and germs, I hope you skipped the peyote tonight. I give you "Mrs. Smith," weighing in on Chick-hates-Gays and She Who Shall... oh, you know:

And finally, some happy, silly nonsense from my dear Post Apocalyptic Bohemian Stephen, who shared it with me and I'd like to share it with you. For about a month or so, I've been hearing bits and pieces from friends in New York about this musical comedy duo The Skivvies, who perform in their... well, skivvies. In the clip Stephen shared, they are joined by Wes Taylor (adorable chorus boy Bobby on "Smash") for this hilarious three-song mash-up about phones:

Feeling so much better. Now let's hope some other a-hole doesn't pop up spewing ha... Wait? Wut? Two? So that lying scumbag Bryan Fischer is advocating federal crimes against gays and Papa John's is raising prices and blaming Obamacare? SON OF A.... Let it go... Breathe... Again... One more... Good.

More, anon.
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