Last Day of Vacation

I wish my office chair was as cool as the one in the picture on the right. 

I return to the Day-Job tomorrow, after a 10 day "stay-cation,' during which I had all sorts of things planned to do around the house. Needless to say, very few of those plans actually came to fruition. I could blame the heat or my broken toe or any number of other things. Or I could be honest and say I just didn't care enough to get them done. I watched some truly dreadful movies on cable (The Thing (2011); Scream 4; The Help) and even worse talk shows ("The Talk").  I deep-cleaned my kitchen. I cooked some amazing meals (tonight's spinach, feta, bacon and fresh garden tomato omelet among the best). I went to dinner and a movie with my four dearest friends. I attempted a night out with three other gay friends on Friday, but that soon fell apart (for a number of reasons). I cleaned out and lubricated the track to the sliding mirror doors of my medicine cabinet. I turned a year older. I blogged.

I did nothing of any real significance. And I've decided that that's okay. Vacation is really just about not being at work. In that sense, it couldn't have been more of a success. I didn't think about work at all, even when co-workers sent me a 'Happy Birthday' messages on Facebook.

Sometimes it's good to just shut-down and relax. And I did plenty of relaxing this past week. I slept in. I watched TV. I didn't think too hard or too much (well, except for Friday morning's horrendous events in Colorado). I didn't even shower on a couple of days. So, I'm marking this particular stay-cation as a success. Though, truth be told, I don't want to go back to work tomorrow. 

I really need to win the Publisher's Clearing House $5,000 a Week Forever sweepstakes. Hook me up, will you?

More, anon.
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