Arrrrgghh! (A First World Problem Ramble)

This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Barn Burner"

Because Uncle P is a TV slut, I DVR two programs at 9:00 PM on Sundays. Consequently, I DVR "The Walking Dead" encore at 11:00 PM. This is usually not an issue and it  allows me to watch and recap it Monday night. 

Of course, I'm rehearsing a show right now, which means I sometimes have to wait until Tuesday night to see it, which is what happened this week. Needless to say, I was very excited to finally watch the season finale (aptly titled "Beside the Dying Fire") when I got home from work today, after an exhausting and somewhat painful* dance rehearsal Monday night. 

After a particularly delicious dinner of roasted chicken and brown rice, I sat down with great anticipation to finally watch my second favorite** show's season finale. And what a finale it was! Walkers, led to Hershel's by an errant helicopter flying over Atlanta, break through the fence and overrun the farm drawn even closer by the gunshot that took out Walker Shane. Rick and Carl take refuge in the barn, eventually setting it afire after Rick lures several Walkers inside. As the rest of the farm's inhabitants prepare to escape the 'herd' of hundreds of Walkers, Jimmy and Patricia (nominal characters, at best) meet their gory ends. Carol is saved by Andrea while T-Dog, Lori and Beth make it out. Glenn and Maggie force their car through a mob of Walkers as Andrea is left behind and Rick, Carl and Hershel take off in Hershel's SUV. Daryl saves Carol on his chopper and Maggie freaks out, not knowing the fate of her family. Rick, Hershel and Carl arrive at the highway spot where they left a message for Sophia at the beginning of the season, and are eventually joined by everyone but Andrea. Meanwhile, Andrea has taken off on foot, low on ammo and pursued by dozens of Walkers. 

And that is where my DVR stopped recording, with 15 minutes left in the episode. I have no idea why or how it happened, but you should be glad you were not within earshot of my very loud howl of frustration when the show suddenly stopped, leaving me angry and desperate to know what happens next. It was then that I noticed the DVR had only recorded 44:17 minutes of the hour, for some reason.

Fear not - I will find out what happened but because I have rehearsal again tomorrow night, I must wait until Thursday to watch the whole thing again OnDemand. Ugh! 

And thus endeth Uncle P's White Whine. If you've seen the entire episode, please keep the last 15 minutes to yourself. I'm more than happy to sit through the first 3/4's of the episode again, as long as I get to see the last 1/4 in full.

An exciting and heart-pounding episode, "Beside the Dying Fire" is (so far) without a doubt, the season's best episode. You can imagine how crazy it makes me to have to wait to finish watching it.

More, anon.

*After nearly 3 hours of dancing in heels, my thighs; calves and knees were not happy with me this morning. Thank goodness for Aleve and heating pads.

** "Fringe" wins the top spot for me. But you already knew that.

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