Even More Old Hollywood Hotties

Ramon Navarro
Because either my computer or Blogger was acting up last night, I didn't get to post every Old Hollywood Hottie I wanted to. So here are some more.

Down. boys (and gals)!

And keep scrolling down - Blogger seems to have a mind of its own, lately.

Henry Wilcoxon (with the gorgeous Claudette Colbert)

Tony Curtis

Gregory Peck

Jeffrey Hunter

Robert Conrad

Tab Hunter


I don't understand why Blogger is inserting these huge gaps between the pics and my text, I hope you managed to get down to this far.

And while you and I may find more than a few of today's hottest Hollywood hunks gorgeous and tantalizing, here's proof that many who have come before were just as desirable, delectable and deliriously sexy as Ryan; Chris; George; Jason or even Justin.

Let's face it, hot guys have been around forever. Seriously though - give me an hour with Robert Conrad from the 60's and I'll never complain about anything ever again.

More, anon.
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