The Gayest Things You'll See This Week (NSFW Version)

If you are straight, easily offended, an a-hole or my little sister, I highly recommend skipping this post.

Gay comedian/songwriter/singer Jonny McGovern is back with a new video for his latest single "Dickmatized" from his upcoming album "The Gayest of All Time."

Jonny was a cast member of Logo's short-lived sketch comedy show "The Big Gay Sketch Show" and was often very funny on it. I posted his video for "Sexy Nerd" not too long ago.

His latest music video is certainly the dirtiest he's done, but  it's also very, very funny. And very NSFW (Not Safe for Work, for those new to the Internet - and if are in fact, new to the Internet, welcome to the 21st Century, Loser). 

I'm sorry. I try not to be mean, but it sometimes just slips out.

Anyway, here's Jonny's video (via). And while I won't admit to actually suffering from this particular condition, I will say that I understand where he's coming from (pun subconsciously intended).

Time for a cold shower... Or maybe I should take up B-Ball...

And here's a bit of Jonny on 'The Big Gay Sketch Show:"

Funny stuff.

More, anon.
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